Axe-Handler Guitar Stand Product Reviews

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RE-Axe Products has sold Axe-Handler all over the web. Including both Amazon and eBay. Here are some samples of our product and seller feedback. Also you can view our listing pages for to read more customer feedback. Some of these customer reviews were taken from third part sellers of our products. Many have placed their trust in our products and we know you will too! 


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Love, love, love mine. Cleans up my stage area and great anywhere! Right on the bumper of our truck!


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This item was purchased as a gift for my son. When it arrived there was a new set of pick ups included in the order which he had won in a special drawing held by Re-Axe-Handler. What a pleasant surprise. The stand works great as advertised however if you have a five string Bass guitar it could be a tight fit. Maybe they could come out with a wider version; if the company feels the demand warrants it. All in all this is the best stand available to date and if you are undecided please check out the test videos on the company's web site. mls


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I've been using the Axe-Handler for over a year, and it goes everywhere my guitar goes. That's the great thing about it: it fits in your guitar case or gig bag, and you never lack a stand. I like it so much, I bought one for my son, and he agrees that it's a great product. He used it in his dorm room, setting it on the edge of his desk so that his guitar was always in reach. I give it two thumbs up. I'd give it three thumbs up, but I'm a little short-handed.